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The Huddle: Shaping The Future of Sports Management

Reflecting on The Huddle, it's clear that the future of sports management is on a path of innovation, collaboration, and significant advancement. This event not only celebrated ArbiterSports' four decades of excellence, but also welcomed our state partners across the United States.  By bringing together these diverse perspectives, The Huddle set the stage for the next era of sports administration, emphasizing the importance of partnership and forward-thinking in shaping the future.

Here are the key insights and developments from The Huddle that are set to redefine high school sports management.

"Arbiter is committed to being a software partner to state associations and member high schools, and is ready and willing to go above and beyond to meet the needs of both groups."
Tricia Wieferich, Michigan High School Athletic Association 

1. Arbiter360: Your Comprehensive Solution

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The attendees of The Huddle were among the first to experience the future capabilities of Arbiter360. This suite is poised to revolutionize the sports management landscape by offering a unified system that encompasses administration, scheduling, eligibility, and registration, embodying Arbiter's dedication to innovation and efficiency.

Arbiter360 moves beyond singular solutions, presenting a cohesive platform designed to elevate efficiency and enhance the experience for all stakeholders. Its integration with partners like GoFan for digital ticketing and the NFHS Network for digital streaming, further strengthens Arbiter's ecosystem, establishing it as the primary platform for State Associations.


"Arbiter360 represents a pivotal moment in our mission to deliver comprehensive, customer-centric solutions to the athletic ecosystem. Developed in partnership with State Associations, Arbiter360 addresses the real-world challenges faced by these organizations in governing high school sports." 

Kyle Ford, CEO and President Arbiter Sports 

This vision for Arbiter360 highlights a commitment to transforming sports management into a more integrated, efficient, and user-friendly system. It's a testament to ArbiterSports' dedication to addressing the needs of today's athletic administrators and setting a new standard for the industry.

2. Expanding Membership Solutions

Our commitment to providing a versatile and comprehensive platform extends to all corners of the sports management ecosystem. We are redefining what it means to be part of ArbiterSports. Our solutions are designed to empower not just officials, but also athletic directors, coaches, players, and administrators, facilitating a more integrated, efficient, and enjoyable sports management experience.

We continue to deliver innovative solutions and upgrades to ArbiterGame and Arbiter Registration to ensure your member schools have the right tools at their fingertips. Discover our achievements in 2023 by exploring our latest Year in Review

Student Transfers


Student Transfers-1

Arbiter Registration simplifies the administrative challenges of student transfers providing accessibility to state associations and athletic directors. 

Mobile Expansion


Mobile Pay

Enhanced mobile functionality now allows schools to view rosters, edit scores, make payments, and officials can accept/decline games, complete reports, recieve/make transfers and more all from the palm of their hand. 

Injury Management


InjMngt (1)

Effortlessly integrate athlete registrations, elgibility, and student-athlete health management in one unified system. 

USSF Integration

7daac92b-db3f-4938-a632-50b7e0d0e1fc (1)Simple and streamlined way to monitor officials' certification status, making it easier than ever to ensure that all officials are up to date and eligible to officiate games. 

3. Commitment to Continuous Innovation and Community Engagement

The Huddle Event underscored ArbiterSports' dedication to the ongoing enhancements of its product suite. In 2024, significant updates will roll out across both ArbiterGame and Arbiter Registration (integrated from FamilyID in 2020), ensuring that every stakeholder, from athletic trainers to players and fans, benefits from cutting-edge, user-friendly solutions.

"These forthcoming enhancements are a testament to our commitment to empower the sports community with innovative solutions. We're not just reacting to the needs of the sports world; we're anticipating them, equipping every stakeholder with the tools necessary for success."

Karen Mogridge, Chief Product Officer at Arbiter Sports 

You can stay up to date and provide feedback on our product portal, found HERE. 

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4. Leading With Security and Innovation 

Over forty years, Arbiter has not only transformed sports management with its direct industry impact, processing over $3 billion in payments and serving over 1.5 million officials and 3 million families, but also by blazing the trail in digital security.

Our commitment at Arbiter to consistently reinforce security and compliance throughout our solutions ensures the highest standards of safety and reliability for our users. As the first to implement and require Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) in the industry. Additionally, we've successfully completed comprehensive SOC2 Type Audit of our applications, systems and operations, and deployed state-of-the-art Monitoring and Detection services across our devices, networks and environments. 

5. Celebrating the Arbiter Team

A focal point of our Huddle was to highlight the exceptional talent within the Arbiter team. The dedication, expertise, and passion of our 110 team members are the driving force behind our innovation and excellence. A quote we received captures the essence of what we experience together: 

“You always kind of wonder, just what type of place you're doing business with? I found out. A FIRST CLASS, TOP NOTCH organization with an AWESOME staff."

We are flattered by this sentiment, as it reflects our efforts to assemble a passionate group of customer fanatics who are dedicated to our commitment of excellence, and to showing the strength of our Arbiter family.

We recognize that delivering intuitive, useful software is just the first step. We are proud of our customer success organization that stands ready to answer your live phone calls, live chats, and email, ensuring that you are getting the most value out of our offerings.

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